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Symtoms of Depression

Depression symptoms- How you know it -  
By: Mr. Parveen

What really is depression and how you can spot it? If you suspect that someone close to you may be suffering from classic depression, it is important to have an idea about the type of symptoms to look for.

Depressed people are not necessarily sad. Mostly they just feel lifeless, empty, and lost his sense of humor and joy. Even when doing your favorite activities, they may feel detached from the project, robot-like and simply passing movements.

Depression symptoms vary from person to person and fluctuate in severity over time. As well, be aware that not all the classic traits affect each patient at the same time.

All suffer depression symptoms distinct parts. Some of these symptoms can be easily ignored by both the patients themselves and other people close to them.

Depression has many symptoms. The most common symptoms of depression are:

A long periods of sadness and lack of "get up and go": These people often complain they are not in the mood, and prefer to stay at home, feeling sorry for themselves.

A, Feelings of hopelessness: Chronic pessimism, feeling sorry for one's self, and tend to blame others for your situation are common traits. They feel that they have nothing to look forward in life.

A guilt ridden, low self-esteem and powerlessness: These usually go hand in hand, when a person due to a sense of guilt about a past wrong, unworthy and feel powerless to do anything about it. Their usual interest in hobbies and enjoyable pastimes suddenly disappears.

A Fatigue: Those who suffer from depression are chronically tired because they have lost their former zest for life. This lack of enthusiasm usually promotes low appetite and poor sleep.

A low degree of concentration: Lack of interest in the world around them leads to a lack of concentration, poor memory and indecisiveness.

Aches, pains and Itchiness: A considerable amount of aches and pains, especially arthritis and back pain is usually associated with chronic depression. Sudden headache and digestive disorders are also symptoms of depression.

Altered sleep and appetite: A depressed person can eat and sleep less due to the low level of enthusiasm, as mentioned earlier. However, the opposite may also be symptomatic. When you feel depressed, people often feel like sleeping at all hours of the day. Likewise, both gains and sudden weight loss may be signs of depression as well. Some have no appetite at all and are not motivated to eat. Others, on the other hand, we feel the need to excessively to the empty feeling in your soul for food and / or alcohol.

A, suicidal thoughts: Expressions of death and suicide should be taken very seriously. Even when apparently said in jest, professional intervention should be encouraged. The depressed person will try to hide their true thoughts by subsequent denials.

A, restlessness and irritability: People who are depressed have a feeling that there is no escape for them. They are not able to see a way out of their situation, and feel hopelessly stuck. Your negative thoughts become an obsession since being blown out of proportion.

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