Monday, September 28, 2009

If you are Diabetic, don't loose hope

Diabetes Natural Cures -  By: Joe Barton

When I read this article on Diabetes by Joe Barton, being a Diabetic myself, I felt good because it talks more about natural options and a healthy diet plan.  Instead of depending upon tablets and insulin injections.

I have been a diabetic for now over 15 years and do not have serious health issues only because,  when my Doctor told me, I am having sugar, the first thing I did was,  I went to a good library ( That time we did not have internet) and read all about high and low blood glucose levels and what it means really. 

I read and read and read to know how do I deal with this condition of the body? What do I need to do to control excess sugar in the blood and most importantly...

How does this sugar shoot up high in the blood? Why? How? and When?

When I understood the reasons, It helped me a lot and my family to deal with it without any issues. It really has everything to do with your Diet. What you eat. And how much you eat and when you eat.

Wrong food. wrong diet. No physical exercise. Tensions. Bad eating habits. All this accounts for bad health,  ultimately. But, it is a fact, many experts believe that, sugar problem can be managed with better understanding about Lifestyle. 

It is everything to do with our lifestyle and today, if we change it for good, we  can live much healthier and happier life for very long. 

It is possible, if we become proactive. I have got this very interesting and informative article by Joe Barton which highlights the natural ways to deal with Diabetes.

Read it and if you find it informative, feel free to mail it to your family and friends for adopting a healthy lifestyle to make life happier than ever.

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy. Always.

Ajay Angre
Chief Editor

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