Monday, September 28, 2009

Diabetes Natural Cures - By: Joe Barton

There really are diabetes natural cures that work!

However, most people are unaware of them because major drug companies don't want you to find out. And what better way to keep you uninformed by keeping doctors uninformed too.

Fact ! Most traditional doctors only know of traditional treatments of diabetes.

This is because major drug companies work hand in hand with major medical schools.

In other words, if you are suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you do not have to take insulin the rest of your life! Here are 6 secrets that may help you reverse or even cure diabetes in a matter of weeks.

6 Tips to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

1. Obviously, you need to start exercising! Specifically, exercising in the morning is a great way to lower your blood sugar levels and glucose. In some studies, exercising worked just as well as medication. You should keep a regular exercise schedule of about 5 times a week.

2. Nutrition is extremely important for preventing and treating diabetes. Foods that help maintain a normalized blood sugar levels are fruits, vegetables and high fiber grains. You should consider apples, oranges, pears, peas, zucchinis, oatmeal, barley and granola. These foods tend to be lower in sugar and higher in essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

3. What you eat and how you eat is also important. Make a fist and take a look at it! This is about the size your next meal should be! It should not be any bigger. Since humans are grazing creatures, we should eat 5-6 meals a day and they should be the size of your fist. This will keep the blood sugar normalized.

4. You should also avoid high sugar juices and soft drinks. Begin to start reading the labels and avoid foods with corn syrup (sugar). These foods and drinks can sometimes contain over 10 teaspoons of sugar.

5. Water! Water! Water! Water is part of every healthy nutrition plan.

Water can do two great things for you that will help with diabetes. It can flush numerous toxins, impurities, chemicals, and even sugar (from your previous meal). Water can also change the cellular structure of cells and actually begin the cure of diabetes starting with your cells.

6. Finally, you should also avoid a high carbohydrate diet. Carbohydrates will be converted to sugar by the body which can also heighten the blood sugar levels.

Eat plenty of salads and fresh and raw vegetables instead your bread serving. Always option to eat leaner meats like chicken, turkey and fish. You will also notice shedding a few pounds of body fat in the process.

Is There More I Can Do?

Yes! These 6 tips should give you hope for your future and your health!

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