Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why Do You Think You Have So Few Strengths Worth Celebrating?

Why do you think this way?

Because everyone has always pointed out your shortcomings?
Because you rarely get any positive feedback for a job well done?
Because the things you do well are so familiar to you that you take them for granted?
Because you have learned to focus only on your mistakes?

When You Make A Mistake, Do You Say:

What an idiot! How can you be so stupid!
Can't you get anything right! What a loser!
There you go again! You're not really up to it, are you?!!
Who else has talked to you this way in the past?
Why Are You Still Listening To Them?

You can't change your past, but you can change the way you talk to yourself today.

Start by making a LONG list of all the good things you have ever done.
Catch yourself saying nasty things to yourself, then STOP.
Recite your list of achievements to yourself.
Convince yourself to be proud of what you have done and of what you are working on doing, on anything you have done for another person, on any improvement in your school work, or on how well you manage your time, your money, your friends, your schedule, etc.

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