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How you should boost your energy level

6 Great Ways 
To Naturally Boost Metabolism - By: Kate Ryan

You don't have to be tired and unmotivated. There are several easy, natural ways to increase energy levels and break out of the cycle of lethargy that binds you. Keep reading to learn some of the small changes you can make to recharge your battery and reclaim your life.

1. How and when you eat can drastically affect your energy levels.

Try breaking your meals into several snack-sized portions and spread them throughout the day - eat every 2 hours or so. Protein rich foods such as nuts and eggs are great for increasing your energy. They're also excellent brain food, so by eating them you maintain and perhaps even improve memory and concentration.

2. Sugar and caffeine actually set you back.

Both help you feel better in the short term, but because the crash will inevitably come, your energy levels will most likely be even lower than before. If you're going to have a caffeinated drink or a candy bar, it's best to have it in the morning so it will burn off a little quicker. Save your afternoon for energy maintenance.

3. A multi-vitamin can go a long way towards balancing your nutritional needs and they help your immune system. Fiber supplements work to control blood sugar and keep you regular. They also help you feel full for longer after you eat, so instead of thinking about food, you'll be waist deep in that spreadsheet you need to concentrate on.

4. Sleep is one of the main factors in recharging your energy. I'll take quality over quantity any day of the week, so get to know your sleep habits. Do everything in your power to make sure you get quality sleep.

5. Did you ever notice that when you get stressed or angry, your internal "wick" burns faster? After an emotional discussion with your spouse or a hard, stressful day's work do you feel tired? Your emotions play a huge part in your level of energy. Try to maintain your emotional stability and you'll find your energy levels will even out.

6. Stretch. Set a timer and at one hour intervals throughout the day,

Stretch your muscles or get up and take a walk. This will release the toxins that build up when you're motionless and allow you to distress your body. Be sure to drink lots of water during the day to help flush those toxins out.

To increase your energy levels, start with one of the tips here and add more as you feel more comfortable. In no time you'll see that there is a way out of the inertia and into an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

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Kate Ryan is a career database administrator and a lifetime researcher. She did most of the research for this article while at work, and it puts to practice every day. Get more tips to increase energy at .
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