Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quit smoking today, and help your body stay healthy.

You know smoking is killing you slowly

One time, I was a regular smoker myself. I smoked not for one year, two years but for 25 long
years. And I used to smoke 30 to 40 cigarettes a day. I tried my best to quit but could not. Then I made a rule for myself.. I will not smoke at home, in the car, in the office and  other offices. That did reduce the numbers for sure and I thought it was a positive move. Till one day, my daughter, with a serious concern asked me... while watching a tv commercial that was on smoking, causing cancer, "Dad, will you also die because of smoking? And it shook me. Made me think seriously, the point she was trying to drive at with seriousness.

And that was like a motivator for me.  I decided to quit smoking forever. Till this day I have not touched it. Now its 15 long years. I have not felt like smoking and never had the urge to go for a puff. It was my daughter who gave me the emotional reason to make that decision and stick by it

The point I am  making here is,  it is possible to quit smoking in a minute, if you think for a solid emotional reason which is motivational in taking that one big step for your health sake and for your loved ones happiness. Can't you do it for your family 's happiness? Read the following observations by experts. And you will find many reasons to quit smoking . I bet, you will,  if you care about yourself and your loved ones. It is not a big deal at all. I have done it and many others, so you too can.

Smoking is a main cause of many serious health diseases
including cancer, stroke, and heart problems. So quit smoking today, and help your body stay healthy.

But how? Well, you will need willpower. You have to want to quit, and really mean it. Learn as much as possible about the dangers of smoking, and remember them every time you are tempted to reach for another cigarette. Do your research properly - 

The diseases caused by smoking include lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Find out about the side effects that you might experience - forewarned is forearmed.

Get all the help you can. Look into products that help you get over the nicotine addiction. . Stay busy, so that you don't lapse and have a cigarette when you are bored. If you can't kick the need to smoke, try E-Cigars or E-Cigarettes, nicotine-free smoking options.

If you are smoking due to stress, then it is important to deal with the underlying problem as well as quit smoking. Try and work out what is making you stressed, and deal with the problems one at a time, which will make your decision to quit smoking easier to stick to.

Keep track of your progress. Make a list of your goals, and the reasons behind your decision to quit, and update that list as you go through the quitting process. If you are cutting back, keep a list of how many cigarettes you have smoked each day, and watch the number go down. If you are quitting completely, review the reasons why, before you reach for a cigarette.

And treat yourself when you do well. Every time you reach a milestone, splurge a little on your favorite coffee, or a book you have been wanting. And go for bigger rewards too - once you have quit smoking for a year, take yourself away on holiday. Don't forget, you'll have saved all that money by not buying cigarettes.

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