Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to Quit Smoking?

How to Quit Smoking 
Without Any Health Problems? - By: sylvester0211

It is a general assumption that, if you quit smoking then you have to suffer with lot of withdrawal effects that may damage your health adversely.

But, remember that whatever you suffer would be certainly less than what you are suffering due to the smoking habit. Many people find it difficult to quit smoking.

Setting yourself up to be successful isn't something that can occur by chance.

Lot of dedication and determination is required to quit smoking. If your family supports you in quit smoking then it would be an added advantage. If you actually want to stop smoking for good, you'll need to make a few conscious decisions that has got to be followed.

You must believe in yourself and be confident that you would be able to quit smoking. The easy answer is that letting yourself believe you will fail will result in failure. If you think that you can succeed, you'll find it far easier to stop smoking for good. Yes, positive approach toward the quit smoking mechanism is necessary for the permanent smoking cessation.

As a great step in the right direction, you might even avoid purchasing new cigarettes if you are out, or destroy any that you now have in your possession. This way you will achieve success in first step that many had achieved.

To reduce the smoking withdrawal adverse effects, you can even join gymnasium as it helps you a lot in maintaining the fitness levels at the best.

Throw away the lighters and old cigarette covers, ashtrays, and all cigarettes. Create a reward system for yourself. Then move onto 2 days, then 3 days, then a week, two weeks, a month, 2 months and so forth.

Try to keep yourself involved in your favorite things so that you don’t have a time to smoke. If you're a huge sports fan, you might buy yourself season tickets for your favorite team. If you have kids spend time with them. Spend quality time with your ladylove and she surely will help you to stay away from cigarette.

Thus, you can achieve the smoking cessation with no health impacts on your health.

You can do it. For the sake of your health, your family and your happiness.

All the best.

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