Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aerobic activity and its importance

Aerobic activity keeps you in good health

When an exercise utilizes significant amounts of oxygen and increases the heart rate, that is an aerobic activity which strengthens the muscles, increases lung capacity, improves the circulation and greatly reduces stress.

Aerobic activity also facilitates in the rapid burning of calories, thus a person doesn’t only feel better because of the aerobic exercise itself which releases toxins but his confidence is boosted as well knowing that he looks trim and good.

Doing aerobic activity can even be more encouraging when done with a buddy as this will elicit added motivation to do the exercises and to habitually implement the regimen.

This will also serve to make the aerobic exercise more stimulating and less tedious as there is a lesser tendency to be bored.

Even cycling or skating is an aerobic activity, thus a person can opt to make aerobic activity a health measure and a hobby as well. When initiating aerobic activity, it is advisable to do some stretching to warm up before proceeding into doing the exercise as well as to cool down.

Cooling down is essential so as not to strain the muscles and to gradually let the breathing and heart rate resume to normal. Now that doing aerobic activity sounds appealing, don’t just impulsively put those sweatpants and sneakers on and drastically do aerobic activity.

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