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Exercise is the answer for keeping Depression and Anxiety away

Exercise Your Depression and Anxiety Away –
By: Zachari Hunt

Did you know that studies about exercise and depression have been going on for almost two hundred years? Most recently research has shown us strong evidence that regular exercise is very successful in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Depression and anxiety seem to affect almost every person around the world in some degree. For some it is a loved one that suffers from such afflictions. And for the rest of us it is something very personal and sometimes it completely changes our lives.

How does exercise help?

Research indicates that 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise five days a week reduced depression in some individuals. Other evidence suggest that being physically active can increase certain mood-enhancing neurotransmitters in the brain. Working out also releases endorphins which are proven to make you feel better.

As you exercise your muscles release tension and that can reduces anxiety. It also raise your body temperature which for some, has a calming effect.

Exciting Benefits of Exercising include: Self Confidence, Distraction From Negative Feelings And Thoughts, Increased interaction With Others, Coping Skills, New Healthy Habits, and Weight Loss.

Why choose exercise over depression and anxiety?

It is something that anyone can do no matter what shape they are in. Increasing physical activity gets you out of isolation and keeps your mind on the positive aspects of living. As the weight comes off you will become aware of how much you've allowed the depression to lead to the unhealthy habits that contributed to your obesity.

That will get you motivated to make changes before it is too late. Instead of anxiety as a major way to deal with life you can use exercise instead. It really does help when you are faithful to a workout program.

With each day of physical activity depression seems to subside. You will realize that exercising needs to become a steady and permanent part of your life. You can actively make choices to let go of the depression and anxiety and embrace a more healthy state of mind. We all know that exercise is not a magic solution to depression and anxiety but it is an alternative to feeling hopeless and helpless.

Setting Realistic Goals

This is very important so as not to become overwhelmed and just give up. Starting slowly with attainable goals is the way to be successful at overcoming depression and anxiety when you are using exercise as part of your treatment. Begin by walking where ever you can.

But you also have to make a conscious effort to keep track of what you eat by starting a food diary. Believe it or not some foods can contribute to depression and anxiety.

Workout with a personal trainer.

Every time you workout, you will feel better and better. Watch your depression and anxiety decrease and your confidence increase.

One other important thing to remember is if you are on medication for depression or anxiety, do not stop taking it without your doctor's approval. If it's a goal to be off medication talk with your provider and ask him about making exercise part of a complete treatment plan to deal with the depression and anxiety.

So is today your day? Will you give yourself the opportunity to live a life that is full of joy?

Or will you sit on your couch full of anxiety or lay in your bed depressed and miserable? Make the right healthy positive choice: start exercising. Today is your day make the most of it!

Call a personal trainer today to start down the road of a healthier, happier life!

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Zach Hunt is a Spokane personal training expert and the owner of Physzique, a personal fitness coaching company in Spokane, WA helping people to look and feel great. Go here: Spokane personal trainer for more info on these services and more great fitness tips.

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