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How to deal with Depression symtoms

Depression,10 Ways To Defeat 
The Curse Of Depression - By: David Cromby

Is there a link between low intake of Omega-3 fatty acids and high increase of depression?

There has been a significant drop-off in omega-3 fatty acid intake within Western countries over the last century. The opposite can be said of omega-6 intake.

A similar increase has been detected in the increase of mental disorders and symptoms of depression. Epidemiological studies clearly suggest that adequate omega-3 fatty acids may be an important protective factor in depression as they have found low levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood cells and fat storage cells of those suffering with major depression.

So the first and foremost way of defeating depression is:

1/ Eat the right types of fats, namely the fatty acids found in fish oil.

2/ Eat more Omega-3 fatty acids and less Omega-6 fatty acids.

3/After childbirth women have 6 times the normal risk of serious mental disorder, possibly due to a deficiency in Omega-3 type fats.

4/ Once you get your diet to the correct balance become pro-active, do something around the house and if you can’t find something to do just get out of the house, have a drive, jump on a bus.

5/ if the weather is too bad for that grab a box of crayons and draw your depression. (It Works)

6/ Every hour take in several deep breaths; get oxygen into your blood stream.

7/ Have a good old stretch, stretch those limbs, arms, legs, mouth twist your neck.

8/ Go for a good workout and blast the blues away, increasing your positive endorphins.

9/ Have a hot soak in the bath. Hot water defeats the stress response, which leads to depression.

10/ Take time to relax and meditate. Close your eyes and listen. How many different sounds can you hear in ten minutes?

Only you can win the fight against depression and victory will not come at the first battle. But with determination and pounding at the walls of depression rest assured they will come tumbling down.

With a healthy balanced diet and active determination V-Day will not be far off.

About the Author
David Cromby is an avid researcher of Omega-3 and its use in today’s society. Why not find out more facts about Omega-3 and the benefits to your health and well being by going to his website 1st Omega-3 or have a read of the news letter. Free Newsletter and decide for yourself. In good health.

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