Sunday, September 27, 2009

Building Teen Self-Esteem-by: Amy Otis, RN

What is Self-Esteem?

Healthy self-esteem means thinking as highly of yourself as you think of your friends and peers. We are so used to negative feedback that we are more aware of our weaknesses than our strengths. We are often taught we will "fail", so it is often hard to enjoy success, no matter how small each "success" might be.

According to Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D., noted author and expert on the subject, "Self-esteem is the experience of being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and of being worthy of happiness."

Why is High Self-Esteem Necessary?

As Branden notes, "Positive self-esteem is the immune system of the spirit, helping an individual face life problems and bounce back from adversity." So, high self-esteem is crucial during the turbulence of your teenage years.

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