Monday, October 5, 2009

The secret to good health

5 Great Reasons to Eat 5 A Day
by Sharon Hopkins

Looking for a change in diet and wondering with so many suggestions being thrown at you, which is the best one you should choose? It is important that your body gets nutrition through food not just proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates; there are a lot many nutrients which body requires but might not be able to get it in proper levels.

The secret to good health is eating those foods, which satisfy all requirements of the body; this is the reason why it is necessary that your body should get adequate amounts of fat, fiber and nutritive elements.

There is a natural and healthy option available to eat 5 healthy portions of fruits and vegetables will do the trick for you. You can eat 5 portions at any time of the day. During lunch, dinner and including fruits at breakfast and meal time would be a great idea.

There must be a doubt about how much should you consider one portion, its easy a large sized corn should make one portion, it can be eaten raw or roasted, a glass medium size of orange juice or any fruit juice, this could be 200-250ml, 1/3rd of dinner or lunch should be salad or vegetables. This way you could decide portions among the food you eat to them 5 times a day.

There are 5 great reasons to eat 5 a day:-

1) Weight Loss: People spend thousands of dollars each year trying to lose weight, with no major difference.

The ideal way would be to lose weight by going natural; fruits and vegetables help you lose weight without doing much fretting over it.

2) Source of Vitamins and Minerals: - It would be always better if you can find vitamins in natural way rather than using supplements, fruits and vegetables provide abundant vitamins and minerals, which we are not even aware of. Vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables help body absorb faster than pills which require digestion to take place and some of it always goes waste. Also are available readily are calcium, minerals, fiber and iron.

3) Variety in Food: - For people who find same food everyday boring, there is good news, you will find different fruits and vegetables each season, thus keeping your fondness for different food intact.

4) Food that is easy to digest: - Often people find some foods difficult to digest, most of the times natural foods, especially fruits and salads are very easy to digest and a person recuperating from illnesses can get wholesome nutrition from fruits.

5) Take it with you: - Save your time with ready options like fruits, these rarely need to be processed, you can eat these raw and on spot. Fruits like banana, oranges, apples, grapes, etc. are easy to eat and very light and comfortable to keep in your bag for the day.

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