Friday, October 9, 2009

Do you eat to live or live to eat?

Do you eat food for keeping good health?

Are YOU eating for good HEALTH? Or you eat because YOU love eating? Have you ever thought what good or bad food can do to your body? Do you think it is the food that can create serious health problems for your heart?

If only you decide to have a healthy diet and follow the recommended Nutrition guidelines, YOU will not abuse your body and live a healthy and happy life.

I have heard many telling me with a little sense of arrogance that” You live only once” So who cares, Eat, drink and enjoy life to the fullest and everyone has to one day leave this world. So why all this talk about healthy living and lifestyle? Dying is inevitable,  so eat sumptuously and dye. God keep you always blessed to live a happy life.

I wish, it was so simple. I wish, we all can live a healthy life with this approach. But we all know it does not work that way. If we abuse our body with food that is not agreeable for healthy living, we pay the price and many times it is a heavy price.

My argument is. it is fine, we enjoy everything in life and die. I would also love to live with this philosophy. But If you die. And if you don’t, then? If you become paralytic because of stroke? Who suffers, physically, emotionally and mentally? It is YOU. And don’t forget, with you, your family too suffers for no fault of theirs.

So it is not a wise thinking and the wiser thinking is in the balanced ACT. Balance Diet. And enjoy your life as long as you wish. With good health.

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy. And Stay Fit, always. 

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