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Healthy and nutritious salad sandwiches

Healthy and nutritious options in salad sandwiches
Good for Breakfast and lunch too

With the advent of the new era, eating habits and lifestyle has suffered the most, resulting in several health problems including early signs of aging and heart diseases.

A general trend of ill-health has been witnessed, with most people plagued by problems related to diet, stress and a lack of nutrition supplements. Apart from the daily stress of the demanding lifestyles that we lead, food habits have also worsened.

In this fast-paced lifestyle, where little or no time is spent on what we eat, fast food offers a plethora of options that are just too attractive to give a miss. Unfortunately, most forms of fast food do not provide any healthy nutrition.

Your Healthy options: 

Fruit juices, salads, salad sandwiches, and whole wheat bread are the new food for today's generation. While juices are good for in-between meals, salad sandwiches are most adequate for a quick lunch at work or a much-needed snack during the day. Most delis and fast food joints now offer salad sandwiches that are essentially made out of whole wheat bread and contain cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, etc.
Packed with nutrition calories
They are also considered to have nutrition calories that are important for keeping a healthy and active lifestyle. Some of the most popular salad sandwiches that offer adequate natural nutrition are egg salad sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, and tuna salad sandwich.
Regardless of the new diets that are extremely popularized, it is a nutrition fact that nutritional elements such as fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins are all equally important for the body.
In an effort to stay healthy, nutrition supplements have also become increasing popular. However, they are not necessarily needed if one can incorporate all the necessary nutritional elements into one's diet. It is important to adopt a natural nutrition diet that includes all the necessary dietary elements for holistic health and well being.
Salad sandwiches are high in nutrition, low in calories and you can even have a second helping.
1. Take a large piece of lettuce and use it as a wrap. Use 2-3 hard-boiled egg, and discard yolk from one of them, add in some chopped celery and dill and use non-fat mayo, sliced tomatoes or cucumber to prepare this egg salad sandwich.
2. Crab meat, tuna and chicken salads also make nutritious, low-calorie, high protein sandwiches. Add Indian curry powder, lemongrass and lime to make it spicier.
Even apples, grapes and walnuts can be added.
Here are some healthy nutritious salad ingredients that are low in calories and fat.
And are packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and proteins.
1/4cup raisins, 3 medium black olives, 1cup baby spinach, one sliced egg white only, 1/3cup broccoli, 1/3cup sliced beets, 1/3cup sliced carrots, 1/3cup tofu cubes, 1Tbsp roasted sunflower or sesame seeds, 1/3cup Alfa-Alfa sprouts.
Add 1small can of tuna packed in water or one sliced chicken breast to make an entire meal.
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