Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You can prevent heart Attack

I got a very interesting book from a friend that was titled 
You can prevent Heart Attack.

YES! and it is written by Dr O.P.Jaggi. M.B.B.S.,M.D.,Ph.D., F.C.C.P.(USA), F.A.C.A. (USA) F.R.A.S.(LONDON) 

He is a renowned physician and a medical scientist of international standing. But more, a crusader in the field of demystifying medicine and medical facts of the common man.

He firmly believes in the concept of preventive medicine and therefore explaining medical facts in his book. During his professional life extending over30 years, he has traveled widely and studied health problems under different environments. He has offered his services as a senior consultant, Physician to overseas Governments on Total-Health-Care.

On Lifestyle news4you, we will tell you what his professional expert views are on many serious issues about present day lifestyle and ideas. You must read his this book and many others.

Njoy reading Dr Jaggis expert advise on healthy living lifestyle.

The important factors that are responsible for coronary artery narrowing are the following we must understand

1- Excess of fats and Cholesterol in the blood
2- High Blood Pressure
3- Over weight
4- Diabetes

Others are family history, physical inactivity, mental stress and cushy lifestyle.

After heart attack, how to prevent another one and still lead a active life? The author of this book tells you how it's possible to prevent. He also guides you what lifestyle you must adopt to keep you in good health for longer life.

Read all about each of the above RISK factor he has elaborately written for you in his book called YOU can PREVENT HEART ATTACK.

It is a publication of Orient Paperbacks, ( A division of vision Book Pvt.Ltd.)

Madrasa Rd, Kashmere Gate-Delhi 110 006

Ajay Angre
Founder :Lifestyle news4you


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