Thursday, September 24, 2009

Water is Life

Why water is precious for our life?

We all know without water we can not live. No living creature can. And water is in its purest form not in abundance on this planet. Yes the salty sea water is which is of no use for our living. We have not understood importance of this precious element on this planet without which we can not survive. Such a precious element on which the entire life hangs on. Even a drop can  give someone life.

But this precious life element, we have replaced today by soft drinks. The change of this acceptance has come about only because of commercially motivated marketing campaigns. We are bombarded for the past 5-6 decades about how these soft drinks are good for us and quench our thirst instantly. These products are positioned with style statements, as contemporary substitutes for our thirst. 

Are these claims hold any truth?  Read what the experts have to say.  The Western society has learned it the hard way. Soft drinks which are only sugar and water, with some added flavors, are now considered very bad for human consumption. It is not me who is saying this but the experts from medical field, from all over the world agree that the obesity related complications in early ages are developed because of these sugary drinks and all of them are like poisons for our body.

The world medical health fraternity says it. The dietitians say it. Our health care specialist say it. But the present generation just doesn’t want to listen to facts and want to carry on with their costly style statements to showoff with the peer group. Because their celebrities from film world and sports world are endorsing the style statements. They don’t realize that they earn millions of dollars to influence you with their advertising stunts and dramatics. That 's all.

Ask them, if they allow their children to flush the same poison through their throats? I am sure they don’t. But then why do we ruin our health? Why do we go for cold soft drinks so easily than going for good pure natural healthy water? Which gives us life.

In our new post titled Water is Life we are presenting observations which are researched and studied by experts. Please read it.

Ajay Angre
Founder- Chief Editor -new4you

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