Saturday, October 31, 2009


Going Strong at 85?

I had fantastic time last full week. If you remember , I had written to you all about my new series on people going strong at  70, 80 years of age. Feel, still Young at Heart. Still Going Strong!
I met some of the amazing people who are leading exceptionally happy lives and have no complains about life.

Their secrets of living healthy and happy life?
You will read all about them in the new series called "FOREVER YOUNG" Starting this week.  

When I met all of them personally for an interview, it really surprised me looking at their physical fitness. Their LIFESTYLE, Their ideas about HAPPINESS. Their views on  LIFE. ACHIEVEMENTS. CONTENTMENT. MONEY. RELATIONS. GUESTS. HONOR. RESPECT. NECESSITIES. DISCIPLINE. TENSIONS. STRESS. SICKNESS, DIFFICULTIES. And their courage to meet all the challenges with success

It sounded to my ears like a fairy tale... 

Long long ago, there lived a gentleman and a lady. They were very poor. They worked hard for whole of their lives to give everything to their eight children. They faced many difficulties. ... the story ending with... and they lived happily ever after.

Their expectations from life, bare minimum.  Their expectations from people, nothing. Their ideas about luxury and extravaganza,  What is it?  Their thinking about life, Simple. Their thinking about others, caring and sharing. They believed in giving to others. They believed in discipline in life. They had no demands from life. In fact, they never lived all their lives, beyond means. Their respect for others was from the bottom of heart. Their concerns for others were sincere. They lived their lives for others.

And YES!  they too had their own ambitions. There is nothing wrong in being ambitious. But their ambitions were also not BIG. All of them lived a respectful life with tons of family responsibilities when many of them had forgotten to live their own lives.

When I met them... It was a great pleasure for me. But somewhere in my mind, a thought was bothering me.   loosing this generation will be a big loss for our society. When you need someone to tell you, this is life! This is how you must live....Lead....Think....Share and Care.

Through this series, YOUNG FOREVER,  I wish to tell them, YOU are our pride. YOU are great human beings first and then great examples and inspiration for new generation... to think like you do,  to make this life more meaningful. More purposeful, and Happy.

Meet them next week. Don't miss them. And forward their stories to your friends and family. Because, Sharing is caring.

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy. Stay Fit. Always.

Ajay Angre
Founder, Editor-in-Chief   

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