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Meet Hanumant V. Patwardhan
Age: 85
Health: Normal. No BP. Diabetes for last 15 years.
Eyesight: Clear.
Hearing: slight problem but not major.
Profession: Electrical work. Worked actively for 40 years.

His Daily Lifestyle:

Day starts: 7 am
Takes a glassful of warm water. Cup of tea without sugar. Then goes for a walk for 45 mnt  to one hour. Takes hot water bath.

Breakfast : Milk and Chapatis. Or any snack  

Lunch menu: Veggie. Daal, rice and chapattis.  Green vegetables, all variety of pulses. Like Moong, Matki, Chawali. Buttermilk. Takes about half a ltr of water from a copper jug.

After lunch…Walk in the house for half an hour. And then noon rest for one hour.

3.30 pm: one cup of Tea. And by evening 5 o’clock, goes out for a walk again around society. Back home by 6.30 pm and then watch TV programs.

Dinner time: 8.30-9pm
Dinner is light. Rice, chapattis, curd, buttermilk, loves pure ghee. By 10.30-11 pm goes to sleep.

Special notes : For sixty years, regular chewing of paan and tobacco.
Loves green leafy vegetables and more so pulses. Likes to have Vada pav once in a week. Likes chocolates too. No spicy food. More salads. But as a rule, never over eats. Eats little less always.

His sleep at night : Sound, deep and instant.

Notes by : Editor-in-Chief

The most surprising aspect I found about Senior Patwardhan is, he confessed his addiction to paan and tobacco for as long as 60 years. He regrets about his bad habit too and says I am lucky or fortunate not to have suffered, but strongly feels, no one should touch tobacco as it is harmful to health and  everyone can not be as lucky as me. I am 85 and hardly anything to loose in life. So his message: Don't touch tobacco anytime.

Well, I was surprised to see him on his own traveling everywhere, at 85 age, He is physically fit, perfectly healthy human being enjoying his Silver years with his wife who too is 76 years and works 24 X 7. What keeps them going strong, always smiling and happy,  is a subject I am personally wondering and studying.

Is it a mind set? Is it a state of mind? Or is it simply how you look at life?

My respect to these “Forever Young Minds” who have set classic examples for millions who feel useless, helpless, frustrated after crossing 50.  But in reality, these seniors believe, come on guys,  life begins at 50.

Forever Young Minds- the special feature on the healthy living seniors is conceived to inspire every young and old to look at life on your terms.

The message? Just don’t think your age! And don’t act your age either!

Stay Healthy. Stay fit. Stay happy to live a long life.

Ajay Angre

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