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Forever Young


Meet : Prabhavati  Pradhan.    Age: 89 years running

Health: Normal. No BP. No Diabetes. No major health issue at this age and No major sickness till date.
Eyesight: Clear.
Hearing: Little problem
Family: 3 daughters and 2 sons

Profession, a teacher and was teaching in a school for 25 years.

Her Daily Lifestyle: Past and present.  

Day starts: In the past, early morning by 4-4.30am, Now by 7-7.30
When got married, she came to a big family of 15 members, all staying together like a joint family. She was doing all household work while doing a teacher’s job

Morning starts with a cup of tea with sugar Then reading news paper for an hour.

Breakfast: Anything like Upmaa, Pohe, idli,dosa
In the past, after getting married, she was taking a glass of milk with raw egg everyday. But for many years because of household work, she did not get time to take care of herself and so sometimes used to skip breakfast.

Noon, by 12,  she used to go to school but without afternoon meals. Tea in the noon and not to keep stomach empty, she used to have one fruit like banana. That’s it. This was the intake of food in the noon time. No proper lunch.

At 5.30, after school , On the way back home, she used to go to market for house hold purchasing for the kitchen and family. This time she used to have good walk for 30-45 minutes up to her place of residence.

When back home,  a cup of tea and a slice of bread and back to kitchen for dinner preparations for the family of 15 members. This was her daily program of activity for years together. There was no time to relax till all the household work was finished and that was by 11 pm. Everyday.

She used to have dinner at about 10 pm, after all members of the family were served.

Her dinner : Rice. Chapatti. Curry. Vegetable sabjee.  Salad. She was on light diet. She likes to have plain rice with milk. She likes green vegetables a lot in her diet everyday. She likes sweets too.  In her weekly diet, one day in between and on Sundays, She has mutton or chicken and fish regularly. Her diet never has been hot and spicy at all. 

Her practice: As a rule, she takes food one portion less at the time of lunch or dinner. So, stomach is always kept little empty. So strictly no over eating. Couple of days in a week she used to observe fasts.

Water intake: 10 to 12 glasses in a day

She watches TV after all the work in the house is done and goes to bed by 12. She has occasionally taken medicines, and has never had fever.

Use of cooking oil in her food preparation is moderate. No spicy food.

Her other special noting:  She never takes tension in any situation and feels fully content about everything she has got in life.

Meet Dattatry Marathe.
Age: 86 complete
Health: Normal. No BP. No Diabetes. No major health issue at this age and No major sickness till date.
Eyesight: Clear.
Hearing: Little problem started just recently

An award winning professional swimmer for last 20-22 years.

Profession, Marketing Representative. Worked actively for 31 years. During his professional life, he used to walk everyday for 10 to 15 miles.

His Daily Lifestyle: Past and present.  

Day starts: 6-6.30am
with a cup of filter coffee. Does not take breakfast..

From 7.30 till 8.30 am : He goes daily for swimming. Walks down to the club about a km everyday.

After swimming activity: for an hour or so he spends his time doing pooja

He does not take Breakfast and by 11-11.30, before 12 noon everyday he takes his lunch.

Lunch menu: Veggie. Daal, rice and chapattis.  Lot of green vegetables, all variety of pulses. Like Moong, Matki, Chawali. Sometimes banana in milk or curd with sugar to get sweet taste.

After lunch… newspaper reading followed by half an hour sleep.

3.30 pm: one cup of filter coffee. And then some outdoor work for an hour.

For about one full hour he goes club for coaching in swimming. Then while back home a good long walk for an hour.

6.30-7pm  Pooja time. Followed by reading of religious books.

Before 8.30 : Dinner is over.

Menu for dinner: Less of rice. Couple of chapattis. Vegetables, curries.

Special notes: Never had milk, Pure Ghee with meals. Sweets:  occasionally. Fried food: occasionally. Meals : little less than required to fill stomach. So no over eating. Sweets he loves but as a rule, if he has sweets, he skips meal.
No non veg, No hard liquor, No soft drinks.

He takes bath with normal cold water and twice a day.

All these years, he has never taken medicines. Never had cold, cough and fever. Eye sight: perfect.

Must go to bed by 9.30pm  

Special achievements: Gold Medal winner in a swimming competition at the age of 84- 85-86 in Free Style and Breast Stroke swimming. Record breaking 25 mtrs underwater swimming in 19 seconds.

His sleep: Sound, deep and instant.

Notes by : Editor-in-Chief

There are many articles written by all the media on Mr Marathe on going still strong at 86. No one can stop him, he is so energetic, enthusiastic and determined about his passion for swimming and training youngsters. He is a perfect example for many who feel written off after retirement. And also there is a good lesson for today’s young generation about how energetic, purposeful life can be lived even at 86.

It is nothing to do about money in the account, bank balance or no balance, you need to have passion for living and purpose for living. That’s all. Nothing can stop you if you decide to live on your terms. 

My deepest respect to these “Forever Young Minds” who have set classic examples for millions who feel useless, helpless, frustrated after crossing 50. There is a lesson to learn.

Forever Young - The special feature,  is conceived to inspire every young and old to look at life beyond. Just Think Young. Act Young.

The message?  
Just don’t think your age! And don’t act your age either!

My 10 observations: I would like to note my ten personal observations about the lifestyles of these seniors’

1- Disciplined lifestyle.
2- Fixed timings for meals. Rest. Sleep.
3- Balanced diet.  
4- Practice of eating little less every time. No overeating at all.
5- Diet…clean, nutritious home made food. BIG No to processed food.
6- Good amount of water intake. Butter milk. Curds. No to soft drinks.
7- No stretching of hours.
8- No late nights.
9- Never taking of tensions under any difficult situation.
10- Completely content about whatever life offered.

You will meet many more who in their silver years live on their own terms. These are living examples who confirm with their lifestyles that if you follow above ten rules of life,  you too can lead and live a happy life.

Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. Stay Happy to live a long life.

Ajay Angre

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