Friday, October 23, 2009

The Longest Living Grandma Age 114 years

 The secrets of longest living people 

We always wonder about longest living people and want to know what their lifestyle must have been? I thought, in Lifestyle news4you, I must introduce this series where I can talk to our long living Grandmas and Grandpas to tell us the secrets of their living so long and still going strong. Keeping themselves healthy, happy and physically active. 

It is not just my curiosity but everyone of you there would want to know if there is something 
we can learn from them. I personally think, their happiness comes from completely different thinking,  and that is what we must hear from them.

The longest living people in the world

I got this information from the Wikipedia ( on longest living people. Neva Morris is one who is still living, age 114 years. The oldest  living verified person. There are many listed from different countries, all honored as Super Centenarians.

We also have Grandmas and Grandpas who are living healthy and happy life after 75, 80 and even 90 years. I would like to have a chat with all of them through this platform which talks about healthy lifestyle, healthy and happy living. 

My first Grandma and Grandpa, you will meet them next week, here in lifestyle news4you. I will keep you all posted. Look forward to get to know few secrets about what keeps life ticking for few. And why?

That's all for now. Stay Healthy. Stay Happy Always.

Ajay Angre
Chief Editor

 Long Living Grandma

Neva Morris

Born    3 August 1895  (age 114 years, &80 days)
Ames, Iowa,, United States, Occupation: Church member

Neva Morris née Freed (born 3 August 1895) is, at the age of 114 years, &80 days,
the fourth-oldest verified living person in the world following the death of 115-year-old American super centenarian.
Early years
Born in Ames, Iowa (and still resides there today) to Schuyler and Carebie Freed being the youngest of four children. Neva Freed married Edward Leonard Morris in 1914. The couple had four children: Leslie, Mary Jane, Walter and Betty Lee. They lived with Edward’s parents, Gertrude Rutherford and Walter Leonard Morris, on a farm encompassing 224 acres of land
Neva's son-in-law, Tom Wickersham, observes, “It didn’t hurt that she worked hard all her life and ate hearty and healthy meals prepared from meat, dairy products and vegetables produced on the farm.” Walter Morris, Neva’s youngest son thinks her secret is her passion for fast cars, as witnessed by her 80-year accident-free driving record
She is a member of PEO Chapter OH, a 60-year member of Collegiate United Methodist Church, and for 75 years was active in Eastern Star. She also enjoyed singing in women’s choral groups, including one in Gilbert and the Story County Women’s Chorus under the direction of Max Exner. Neva particularly loves to sing “You Are My Sunshine.
Later years
At age 99 she moved from her farm home to North Grand Care Center and later to North crest Community. Although facing hearing and vision challenges, Neva still enjoys visiting with her close relatives and spending time with her eight grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren, several great-great-grandchildren.

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