Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long Live Grandpa and Grandma

Long Live Grandma n keep us inspired

I have seen grandma and grandpa as old as 90 years young.  I am sure you too must have. And I thought, what could be their secret of living soooo long,  healthy, and cheerful happy life? Don't you want to know? I do want to. And I said let me present their secrets of healthy long life on this knowledge Blog. So that, we can at least try and make it till 50 years.??? Or may be more??? After knowing their secrets of healthy living for looooong till 90? 100 years????

Ohhhk, so here I am with my new feature talking to your Grandma and Grandpa " Tell us" what does it take to keep ticking? Discipline? Food? Mindset? Good Habits? Physical exercise? Attitudes? Yoga? or just unlimited unconditional love for others at heart? What??? Tell us please.

I met ..the first Grandma and Grandpa.  I had a good healthy chat. My NEW feature titled Long  Live Grandma n Grandpa will carry my full chat with them in an informal and casual interview format.  Grandmaa is just celebrated her 89th birthday and touched 90 years. She still travels all alone by air to London ( No jokes)  And Grandpa is turned 85, physically and mentally fit who also can travel on his own. So I am going to get into their kitchen and find out what they have been eating, drinking and doing to keep themselves healthy and mentally and physically fit..

This week, you will know the secrets of  heart that keeps ticking and mind that keeps generating unlimited energy 24X7. Boy! let us get to the bottom of it. I will,  I promise you. This week you will see them on this knowledge Blog. With their pictures.

Now just don't sit there reading this. Drop in a line to tell me about your Grandma n Grandpa if they are above 75yrs, fit n healthy. And sometimes makes you feel wonder? what metal is this? Write to me at ( with contact no) and I will personally visit them to have a casual chat for an informal interview. How do you like it? Still there? Write to me buddy. Now!

Ohky... till then take care.
Stay healthy. Stay  happy and fit. Always.

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