Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anger can destroy you.

Anger consequences hurt. No one likes unpleasant feelings. We all want life full of happiness and love. 

If we become angry whenever we don't get what we want, we will only find ourselves in bigger trouble. 

Anger doesn't solve anything, it only makes our life miserable.  

Consequences of Anger   

Anger almost always increases frustration. That is the last thing we want because frustration alone is big enough problem. 

Loading up others with our problems isn't smart idea as well. 

There is a general rule which says that if you yelled or shouted on somebody because you became angry, you haven't only added one more problem to your list, but you've added whole new list of problems resulting in more anger consequences, frustration and stress.

Anger prevents problem solving

Anger isn't solution to our frustration, it's just response or reaction. If you have problems that other people see, don't try to argue with them. Instead of that, work on yourself and try to correct those issues. That's hard task and you need a lot of creativity and discipline but, if you are always angry, you can't think positive - result is always bad communication between you and environment. 

If things don't go well, don't punish yourself. Because punishment teaches you
what you must NOT do, and not what you have to do in order to succeed.

Become good example

Have you ever noticed how many times you imitated others? Your dressing is one of the most obvious examples... There are many more but I won't go far into it. Bigger problem is, how far are you ready to go when you imitate others. Researches have proven that we imitate others more than we admit. So the fact is that others have big impact on us, and the other way around. We have a big impact on others.

Anger spreads fast. If someone starts to behave aggressive, others around him will become aggressive too. Anger of one person affects other people! If you want to stop spreading anger and hatred and if you want to create environment where you want to live, think about yourself first. You have to be healthy person  without anger management problems. 

That way, you will not only prevent anger consequences. 
You will prevent anger in yourself and in others.

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