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5 Foods to prevent heart Disease

This is an excellent piece of valuable information if  you care for your heart which can trigger serious health issues and land you in ICU if you do not take care of your diet that you consume everyday. 

I personally feel, the secret of healthy living is in the Lifestyle you choose for yourself. Good lifestyle that every way makes you healthy, keeps you fit, is what your best choice must be. 

The following advise by Rebecca Scritchfield who is expert in offering advise on healthy food eating habits has given here tips on which are five foods to prevent heart disease.

The link given here will take you to many such articles offering invaluable information that can help you, your family and friends lead a healthy and happy life. 

The idea of sharing this information here is to make you aware about how best life can be enjoyed with just few changes in your lifestyle and by eating a healthy diet.

Stay Healthy. Stay Well. Stay Happy.

Ajay Angre

5 Foods to prevent Heart Disease

By Rebecca Scritchfield MA, RD, LD -

In case you hadn't heard, February is American Heart Month, an initiative to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke, the number one killer in the U.S.

Eating a healthy diet can be a key method of preventing heart disease. We're highlighting five heart-healthy foods that can literally save your health. We recognize that these are not the only five foods that protect your heart, but they stand out as star performers and great additions to any diet.

1. Garlic: This herb is ideal for heart health. Numerous studies have shown the potential benefits of regular garlic consumption on blood pressure, platelet aggregation, serum triglyceride level, and cholesterol levels – all of which keep your heart performing. Garlic also makes a great seasoning for food so you can greatly reduce salt.

2. Salmon: Make the swap from a saturated fat burger to a salmon fillet. While some saturated fat is fine, a little goes a long way. The average cheeseburger has more than half a day worth of the artery clogging fat, which will increase your risk for a heart attack. Conversely, salmon lowers that risk thanks to heart healthy fats. Omega-3s can prevent erratic heart rhythms, reduce likelihood of blood clots inside arteries, improve the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol, and prevent cholesterol from becoming damaged, at which point it clogs arteries.

3. Berries and Cherries: Props must be given to nature’s candy. These sweet treats are high in polyphenols, which prevent cell damage that creates unhealthy blood vessels and heart. During the winter, opt for frozen berries. Try thawing a bag of frozen strawberries in the refrigerator. Then, add unsweetened, steel-cut oatmeal with the berries their juice and your heart will say thanks with each beat.

4. Quinoa: Often mistaken as a grain, this tiny sprouted seed is an excellent source of magnesium, the mineral that relaxes blood vessels. Low dietary levels of magnesium lead to some scary health issues like increased rates of hypertension, ischemic heart disease and heart arrhythmias. Quinoa cooks quickly and makes great leftovers. Toss with grilled veggies and roasted chicken for a delicious one-pot dinner, or try this Red Curry Quinoa recipe.

5. Hot Cocoa: You read right! Hot cocoa is brimming with antioxidants – two-times more than red wine and three times more than green tea. The cool February temperatures are no match for a mug of hot cocoa. My tip: since hot chocolate mixes are full of sugar, use 100% cocoa and combine with a teaspoon of sugar. Plus you'll sweeten with the natural sugars in the milk


  1. Its surprising that hot cocoa is also listed in heart disease prevention foods. Of course, it means 100% cocoa since the normal chocolate syrups or cocoa that we usually have has a lot of sugar content in it. Anyway, good to know.

  2. Thanks for your comments Moush. It surprised me too. And I love Hot cocoa a lot. So it was a pleasant surprise. Now you know, dieting is not really a dreadful thing but more delightful experience with healthy food choice.
    Stay Healthy.Always. Ajay


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