Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Diabetes and Emergency Care


The following are some of the diabetic emergencies that would necessitate such a call.

If a person is showing signs of an altered mental state such as forgetfulness, agitation or just behavior that is not normal for them this may be a sign of low blood sugar. In a situation like this try giving them fruit juice or cake icing, avoid hard candies that could cause choking. If the person does not come back to their normal mental state within 15 minutes call 911 immediately.

If the person can not keep food, water or medication down this may be a sign of ketoacidosis or other complications. If the person has not taken their latest medications do not administer them without taking to a medical professional. If the person already has low blood sugar taking medication may push them to dangerously low levels.

If the person has a temperature of 101.5 F or higher. In this case if your primary care provider can not see them right away seek emergency care. Make note of any symptoms such as abdominal or chest pain.

If the patient has a blood sugar level of 400 mg/dL or higher this can be a sign of serious complications. Call a doctor and take the patient to emergency care.. These complications can lead to death.

Other conditions that may require immediate medical care would be large wounds greater than 1 inch in diameter that are not healing properly, chest pain or severe abdominal pain.

If a person has to go to the emergency room make sure someone who can speak for them is present to give emergency personnel the information they need to treat them quickly and effectively.

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